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MS SQL Server 2012 primed for Big Data challenges

F.Y. Teng | March 12, 2012
The latest edition of Microsoft’s “cloud-ready information platform” is meant to deliver the most powerful BI tools at compellingly low total costs of ownership.

Arun Ulag, General Manager, Servers and Tools, Microsoft Asia Pacific

Arun Ulag, General Manager, Servers and Tools, Microsoft Asia Pacific

Microsoft unveiled the latest version of its once-database management system, but now branded comprehensive information management platform MS SQL Server on Thursday (March 8, 2012), and the company’s executives are saying it “will help customers unlock breakthrough insights across the organisation and approach cloud opportunities, whether private or public, on their own terms and supported by advanced capabilities for mission-critical confidence.”

Another thing MS SQL Server 2012 was certainly put together for, it seems, is tackling Big Data. Arun Ulag, General Manager, Servers and Tools, Microsoft Asia Pacific said on the day of the announcement: “Big Data is a real opportunity for enterprises who want to leverage the data explosion to drive business growth. SQL Server 2012 puts powerful Business Intelligence tools in the hands of every user in our customer’s organisations through tools that they use every day, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft SharePoint Serve. And all of this at industry-required high availability and performance capabilities, and a total cost of ownership that our competitors just cannot match.”

Microsoft executives also spelled out the major parts of its comprehensive big data strategy.
•    “A flexible data management layer that supports all data types–structured, semi-structured and unstructured–at rest, or in motion.”
•    “An enrichment layer for discovering, transforming, sharing and governing data.”
•    “A compelling suite of tools to help users gain insights from analytics.”
•    “Deeper insights that combine an organisation’s data with data and data services from external sources.”

All of which, SQL Server 2012 is meant to be, enable, enhance and support.

They also managed to secure endorsement from customers for SQL Server 2012 made public on the day of the announcement. The new platform has already been deployed by Revlon, Sanofi Pasteur and LG Chemical, among many others across the globe.

Notably, in Malaysia it has been deployed by e-business company IFCA-MSC Berhad, whose CEO Leong Nyu Kuan was on hand with a plug for SQL Server 2012, saying it “has tremendous new functionalities–such as features for high availability and disaster recovery, increased performance and improved business intelligence capabilities–which [IFCA-MSC Berhad is] taking advantage of without having to change [its] enterprise applications; and all these benefits coupled with the added confidence of greater security.”


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