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NetApp gives a competitive advantage to Suncorp

Anuradha Shukla | April 19, 2011
Delivered its storage solutions to Australian diversified financial services company.

SHENZHEN, CHINA, 19 APRIL 2011- NetApp delivered its innovative storage solutions to Australian diversified financial services company The Suncorp Group.

With more than US$15 billion in annual revenue, Suncorp was searching for a storage environment to gain a true competitive advantage and NetApp helped it to achieve this goal.

The Group was challenged by a complex IT infrastructure that was posing as a barrier to growth. Suncorp worked with NetApp and transformed its business by migrating 80 per cent of its IT environment onto a shared infrastructure, which resulted in a large virtualised private cloud.

NetApp notes that this shared infrastructure provided the foundation that has significantly improved efficiency, flexibility, velocity, and success of Suncorp's business.

It has also elicited an entire culture of innovation that is changing the pace of business for Suncorp.

"We looked to NetApp not only as a technology partner to help us achieve greater business flexibility and efficiency, but to help us materially change the way we do work," said Jeff Smith, CEO of Suncorp Business Services. "We have a strong belief that the companies we partner with are companies that we aspire to be like. From the start, NetApp has been built on innovation and has always believed in pushing the boundaries of what's possible with a single goal in mind: customer success. That is where we wanted to be."

Removing technology barriers

By removing technology barriers for Suncorp, NetApp has been able to tap the minds of its workforce for new and fresh ideas.

Suncorp is also benefiting from increased IT efficiency, which has allowed it to deliver more impact in less time. Following the implementation, it was able to increase the level of insurance business done online from 10 to 40 per cent.

Moreover, it was able to more easily and quickly scale its business by consolidating from seven data centres into two.

"When we took a critical look at our business and what we needed to do in order to be successful and grow, we realised that IT was the launching point to make that happen. The speed and agility that NetApp enables have been critical to our success, allowing us to drive innovation and completely reset expectations of what is possible,” said Jeff Smith, CEO of Suncorp Business Services. “What once was an innovation team of nine people suddenly became an innovation team of 16,000. Building a culture of innovation and developing the confidence that every problem is solvable have become our real competitive advantage.”

"Suncorp's story is a perfect example of what drives us here at NetApp, and that is the opportunity to collaborate with each and every customer with one goal in mind: to help them succeed,” said Manish Goel, executive vice president of product operations, NetApp. “By building on NetApp, Suncorp was able to move to a shared infrastructure that transformed the way it did business and created a wave of innovation within the company. Suncorp is proof that the storage environment an organisation builds on is foundational to its ability to break the mold and forge ahead."


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