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New Mac Pro 2016 release date, specs & new features rumours

Karen Haslam | June 24, 2016
El Capitan code hints at new Mac Pro

El Capitan has been around for a year now, and Apple fans are already combing their way through the code of macOS Sierra's developer preview. We'll update this if any smoking guns are discovered. 

A dedicated Mac event?

The lack of hardware announcements at WWDC - not in itself a huge surprise, since the event is dedicated to software developers and always focuses principally on operating systems - leaves a few sections of the Apple product portfolio in limbo. The most obvious is the MacBook Pro; with the MacBook and MacBook Air having both received updates in spring 2016, the MBP will surely get a refresh in the near future. But those waiting for a new Mac Pro, iMac or Mac mini are also wondering when these products will get some attention.

The next big event in the Apple calendar is the iPhone 7 launch, and that won't happen until autumn. It's possible that Apple will maintain radio silence until then, but we feel it's more likely that the Macs will get a smaller event of their own in the next month or so. This will star the new MacBook Pro, we expect, but the code hints outlined above suggest that the Mac Pro will be there too. Watch this space.

Delays in 2013/2014

When Apple launches the new updated Mac Pro there may well be delays in availability, as there were in 2013-2014. Apple first unveiled the Intel Xeon (Ivy Bridge-E) Mac Pro at WWDC in June 2013, but the unit didn't actually start shipping until December that year. In fact, for most shoppers the supply of Mac Pro was so constrained that they didn't receive their new Mac until 2014 - in come cases not until February, or March, or in a few cases April.

Having previewed the Mac Pro at WWDC in June 2013, the company promised availability before the end of 2013, but it wasn't until 19 December that the Mac Pro became available. Then, following the launch, stocks were so limited that only a lucky few, US-based, customers were able to purchase the new professional Mac workstation before the end of 2013.

Customers in the UK who ordered their new Mac on 19 December 2014 found that they would have to wait until January 2015 for the new Mac Pro. Some lucky UK customers finally received their Mac Pro around 12 January. This was almost a year after the old version of the Mac Pro was banned in Europe because it didn't comply with EU safety laws.


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