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New Mac Pro 2016 release date, specs & new features rumours

Karen Haslam | June 24, 2016
El Capitan code hints at new Mac Pro

One reason for the delays back in 2013 was thought to be the fact that Apple was building the new-look Mac Pro in the USA: Apple had a new design which was being produced at an entirely new factory in the US, so the delays were understandable, although maybe not excusable.

New delays?

We had hoped to hear news about a new Mac Pro in the summer of 2015, so we're growing impatient and are hoping for an update soon. Could updates to the current model face the same issues that slowed the production lines back in 2013?

We think probably not. If you check Apple's website, you'll see that the wait for the current Mac Pro has come down to 24 hours (although if you want a build-to-order version the wait will be about 5-7 business days). The fact that Apple is no longer struggling to meet demand would suggest that when it launches  the next Mac Pro there will not be the significant delays in getting units out to customers that there were at the end of 2013.

Instead, the reason for the long wait for an update to the Mac Pro could be simple lack of interest in this workstation-style Mac. Apple may be focusing attention on other projects such as the Retina iMacwhich was updated in October 2015. It's possible that Apple doesn't intend to update the Mac Pro at all.

The company has launched several other new Macs since the launch of the Mac Pro, including impressively powerful iMacs that can sometimes perform better than the current entry-level Mac Pro can. Video editor Max Yuryev tested Final Cut and Premiere Pro rendering on both the 5K Retina iMac and 6 Core Mac Pro and found that the iMac performed better in some cases, although did suffer from heating issues that the Mac Pro avoids thanks to its design.

Yet we don't think Apple is trying to phase out the Mac Pro in favour of a more powerful iMac line-up. It's more likely that it's just spending a long time getting the new Mac Pro right before it launches, after the issues it experiences with the previous launch. There is still a market for the more powerful Mac Pro, we think. But not everyone agrees with us, as we'll see in the next section.

New Mac Pro 2016 rumours: Will Apple discontinue the Mac Pro?

Maybe the Mac Pro will never be updated. As The Mac Observer writes: "The 'New' Mac Pro is a Failure". That site compares it to the ill-fated Cube, which was available for less than a year in 2000/2001. (We look at more interesting failures and controversies in our roundup of the worst Apple products.)


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