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OpenStack enterprise users: Nine businesses building open-source clouds

Matthew Finnegan | June 24, 2016
OpenStack is gaining in popularity, here are some of the large organisations using the cloud management software

UPDATE: Here at the Openstack conference in Austin, Texas, it's clear that not only is the open-source cloud platform more ready than ever for the enterprise, we're also seeing a lot of deployments.

In fact, half of the Fortune 100 is now running Openstack. 65 percent of deployments are in production - and that's a 33 percent increase from a year ago.

Five years since NASA and Rackspace created the OpenStack cloud management platform, the number of enterprise users is continuing to grow.

Many of those setting up OpenStack clouds in their data centres are still larger businesses, but there are examples of its use in a variety of sectors - from large banks to retailers and automotive firms. Even some public sector organisations are using OpenStack-based services, attracted by the promise of no lock-in.

And the announcement of Volkswagen as a customer today is yet another step in this direction.

Will OpenStack be the dominant private cloud platform long term? The jury may still be out, but there is plenty of evidence that the software is becoming easier to manage for enterprise-sized businesses that are not running hyperscale data centres, while access to skills is improving. 

ComputerworldUK takes a looks at some of the organisations at the forefront of OpenStack's push into the mainstream.

1. OpenStack enterprise users: Betfair

OpenStack enterprise users: Betfair

Online gambling firm Betfair partnered with RedHat and Nuage Networks to create an API-driven infrastructure.

The private cloud will host Betfair's exchange, which supports 120 million transactions per day, 2.7 billion API transactions and has 1.7 million active users.

Red Hat's OpenStack distribution was chosen because it needed ensure as little downtime as possible. Betfair runs a betting exchange - similar to the stock exchanges and actually also used by professional traders - so seconds matter, and downtime is noticed practically immediately.

"You can imagine at the end of a horse race, traffic gets fast and you don't have a lot of time to recover from problems," Haigh says. "We also wanted to bring support in house - I wanted to build a team that could look after the estate themselves so I needed partners who were happy to come and train our guys up."

"We will always have underlying support behind the scenes but I need a team that's my first responders in-house."

2. OpenStack enterprise users: Volkswagen

OpenStack enterprise users: Volkswagen
Image: Volkswagen

Volkswagen says it is setting up an OpenStack private cloud to speed application development as it adapts to new developments in the automotive industry, such as connected car technology.

Mario Mueller, corporate director for IT Operational Services & Infrastructure Technologies, told ComputerworldUK that the company is investing in an on-premise data centre, as the economics of the public cloud "don't work as well" for its use cases.


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