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Oracle's Hurd brims with confidence about SaaS, social and cloud

John Gallant | July 17, 2012
To hear Oracle President Mark Hurd tell it, the $37.1 billion hardware and software company is well ahead of competitors on any number of fronts, from transitioning customers to SaaS and the cloud, to incorporating social technology into its products.

"We now have the ability to give you SaaS out of the Oracle cloud, to build a private cloud for you and/or have you use the same applications on-premise," says Hurd, who acknowledges that budget- and innovation-challenged customers are still feeling their way through new computing models and the impact they have on everything from service-level agreements to security and performance. "We will be the only company in the industry that has a suite of capability available."

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison boasted in June that the company would deliver the world's "most comprehensive cloud," and Hurd assures that Oracle will have most of its apps available on the Oracle Cloud by year-end.

Hurd went on to say that Oracle is partnering with ISVs and others who will build on top of the Oracle Cloud through platform- and infrastructure-as-a-service offerings, and that Oracle's Exadata and Exalogic systems will be at the heart of others' cloud services. "We're more than open to partners leveraging our cloud," Hurd says.

Oracle's challenge remains distributing its technologies more widely, putting them into the hands of existing and new customers who need them. Ellison has committed to pumping about $5 billion into R&D this year, and on top of technologies obtained via acquisitions, that will only mean Oracle's portfolio will expand.

"We're building a tremendous stack of capabilities. We just have to make sure they get in front of all the buyers," Hurd says.


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