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Quint spotlights the emerging power of DevOps in business

AvantiKumar | June 15, 2016
Quint Wellington Redwood Asia's Jeffrey Doss said to Computerworld that the real value of DevOps is currently underrated.

Jean Yong- Quint

Photo - Jean Yong, Education Director, Quint

"This is where Quint shows its leadership in the field. By choosing Quint DevOps coaches, you'll be able to break the bad habits of teams and develop the personal leadership skills of team members," said Quint's education director Jean Yong (pic above).

"Quint's experienced coaches use a unique and powerful blend of direct feedback, personal interventions and monitoring in combination with analytics to challenge teams and individuals. This results in new behaviour and the desired outcomes for the business, teams and individuals," said Yong.

She said Quint is a founder of the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA), a body which aims to build a Universal Qualification Program for DevOps and Agile. "DASA is founded as an independent and open platform. DASA is an open platform to discuss, develop, challenge, and co-create the baseline for what skills and competencies organisations require today and will need in the future across relevant cultural, philosophical and yet very real movements within IT and IT Interfacing departments within organisations of all types across the world."

Yong said that with cutting edge techniques and training DevOps has the potential to become a highly desirable development with the potential to change the world of IT dramatically.

"To capitalise on this, IT managers must be prepared to challenge their current organisational form, even if it means their 'empire' becomes smaller," she said.


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