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Roundtable: What's next for virtualisation?

Jennifer O'Brien | Feb. 19, 2013
This roundtable discussed trends in virtualisation and the walk towards Cloud computing, and how resellers can help customers benefit from the next wave of technological advance.

JO: What is the next technology wave that will affect virtualisation?

Andrew Foot, EMC (AF): Virtualisation has a been a great platform for the Cloud discussion, but no matter whether you're calling on public sector, enterprise or midmarket, the discussion points todayare largely around two things. They're Cloud and application, and application has driven Cloud. What we're seeing is application has become king. We've found that business owners of applications have become the decision-makers that drive IT. They've become the decision-makers to decide the workloads or applications that they move to the Cloud. We've seen the take up of Cloud on the back of the great work that they've done with virtualisation. It's come at us as a tidal wave over the last 12 months. Places like public sector, in pockets of state and federal government, where we've thought issues like data sovereignty, security were going to be massive issues, we've seen the commodity Cloud providers do a great job at targeting with the basic Infrastructure-as-a-Service messaging into public sector. We're starting to see the adoption of the move to the Cloud, even by core parts of the government.

In fact, in the Victorian government, we've seen Cenetex as the shared services provider become the broker for Cloud services across the core Victorian government. We're seeing that trend in other governments across the country. In enterprise, and parts of commercial, it's no longer just the base Cloud offerings at the infrastructure level. They've moved up a stack. They're coming to market for Documentation-as-a-Service, for Archiving-as-a-Service. Critical applications that are important to their business is what we're starting to see a lot more of. That's the next wave, and it's application-need that has driven it, as well as budget. There's been a real shift from the need to retire a CAPEX budget, to a motivation to now manage both CAPEX and OPEX, and see ongoing savings, year on year, with OPEX budgets. So that's allowed people to start to have different financing, but also, the Cloud discussion.

JO: What stage are we at in terms of virtualisation adoption and the shift towards Cloud?

AF: Virtualisation set up Australia and New Zealand well. And while there's parts of virtualisation that are still very important, and we're starting to get down to the network virtualisation piece, we're on a real wave around the Cloud at the moment, and it's no longer everybody talking about the term and getting their head around what the term is. Everyone has built out their go-to-market strategy around it, and whether you're a channel partner, an integrator, a telecommunications carrier or a customer -- be it midmarket, enterprise or public sector -- you're all having the discussion. It's just at different levels. Some are having it at an infrastructure as a service level. Some are having it at a platform level.


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