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Salaries to rise for top 10 IT jobs in Singapore

Sri Narayanan | April 28, 2017
Starting salaries for IT staff set to grow by an average of 3.2 percent in 2017.


Security analysts, IT risk professionals and infrastructure architects are set to receive the highest salary gains in 2017.

According to the Robert Half Salary Guide, IT professionals can expect an average starting salary gain of 3.2 percent in 2017, which is above the national salary growth of 2.7 percent. 

The bump in salaries suggests Singapore-based companies are willing to pay competitively for top IT talent. Pay and salary increases remain a primary motivator for Singapore’s workforce, according to the report, indicating IT professionals are more loyal to their company after a pay review.

However, the report notes that 51 percent of the IT workforce believe they are not being paid a fair salary, considering their job responsibilities. Another 47 percent say their pay is not in proportion to their workload, suggesting a need to continuously review staff remuneration to ensure high workloads are offset by a competitive salary. 

Researchers also found a seeming paradox: 92 percent are willing to switch jobs for a higher salary (if they felt they were not being paid a fair salary currently), but 70 percent would stay put if they received a pay rise. 

Observed Matthieu Imbert-Bouchard, Managing Director at Robert Half Singapore: “There is an upward momentum on starting salaries for professionals in this sector because of an increasing demand for higher skillsets. That leaves highly skilled and experienced security analysts, security consultants and IT risk professionals across industries in a good position to negotiate above-average salary gains in 2017.”


What are the highest paying IT jobs?

The top IT jobs with the highest salary gains are those familiar with new security software and hardware, experienced in big data analytics, and have been involved in a digitisation project. 

These include security analysts and IT risk professionals who can protect the integrity of IT systems, data and the network. Additionally, big data specialists who can support their organisation’s enterprise infrastructure are currently in high demand yet challenging to find.

Highly-skilled infrastructure architects who possess strong leadership and communication skills to effectively lead a team and communicate complex IT terms, can also expect substantial salary growth in 2017.

Robert Half Salary Guide for Singapore IT professionals
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