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SAP in 6: Leading change in the sector

Rabia Garib | Sept. 9, 2008
SAP is a multifunctional software which has been deployed at National Foods (Pakistan) with its basic six modules at National Foods.

Making systems communication with each other

Software from different vendors being used within the same company, will always create issues. How do different software link to one another, how do you make the different solutions having different roles in the solution map, communicate and synch with each other? More importantly, how do you streamline the resultant output that you need in order to run an analysis of the performance of a department or company. "As our operations and functions became more complex, our teams were spending a lot of idle time migrating data from one software to another. Different vendors do not support each other" explains Danish. To achieve this communication, the IT department at National Foods could have either changed their configuration to plug in a middleware client to manage the coordination, but they chose to migrate all their operations onto SAP.

Before the implementation of SAP, the management faced several problems, in dealing different panels at different platforms, managing accounts, renovation and figures, which encircled maintenance of the plant and related issues, all of which created problems for the end user and ultimately resulted in delays and low productivity. On the other hand, the product demands were continuously increasing, which needed some advanced and organized system to encounter all the problems. The company was in a continuous process throughout the year, because you can't really turn off operations just because you have a software implementation in the making. "We planned intensely for a year and adopted the ASAP methodology. It took us 6 months to complete the implementation of SAP. This was a record implementation time for a Pakistani company based on our size and structure, and we became the first SAP migration in the Food sector in Pakistan."

Bringing it all together

SAP is a multifunctional software which has been deployed with its basic six modules at National Foods. These include, material management, financials, sales and distributions, production planning, quality management and plant maintenance, all of which are integrated, having just one view, solving a big deal for the operational personnel. It allows the users to monitor each module from all of the rest. In that case, if something goes wrong in quality management, for example, it can be monitored from sales and distributions, which helps, saves time and allows easy management.

"We regularly have our IT audits and with SAP, just a click of a button gets us all the information, which we received after a plenty of procedures, which is the tangible benefit of SAP, it saves a lot of time. It has a lot of features and a space to build more on the same platform, making it easier for us to manage, and we are continuously evaluating its several new features with the passage of time, it is becoming more interesting."


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