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SEAOIL Philippines embraces cloud computing

Adrian M. Reodique | June 15, 2016
Moving to the cloud helped the company become more agile.

Fuel company SEAOIL Philippines has moved its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to the cloud to meet the changing needs of the market.

For six years, the company ran their ERP system on hardware, which was failing to meet the business requirements for performance and availability during peak periods.

"Often on Fridays, I would be notified that the system was down," recalled Glenn Mendoza, Vice President of IT and Systems for SEAOIL. He added the existing hardware infrastructure could not support the forecasted growth of the company.

As such, the company decided to leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud to address the problem.

According to Mendoza, the pay-as-you-use model of AWS Cloud has helped the company reduce the total cost of ownership of its IT infrastructure by 20 percent as it only spends on the necessary resources.

In addition, moving to the cloud reduced its IT delivery lead time. "With improved IT turnaround, resources can be ready when the business needs it. Traditionally, if we required a new hardware server, we would have to source it from a supplier and wait for the 30 to 45 day lead-time, which stiflesour business. Now, we can do it in a matter of minutes and operational management is much simpler," said Mendoza.

Besides that, adopting cloud computing has helped the company become more agile. It has also freed up the IT department from "tedious" work of managing the infrastructure, allowing them to focus on supporting the other business requirements.

"With the previous traditional IT infrastructure, we used to find ourselves dealing with multiple environments which are complex and time-consuming, whether to develop a report, fix a bug, support a new initiative, or manage peak loads," noted Mendoza. "Today, we are able to simplify our IT operation using AWS as a consistent cloud platform to support our fast changing business requirements."


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