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Singapore mobile users love content

Computerworld staff writer | April 28, 2011
Research on behaviour of mobile users shows Singapore has third largest penetration rate of smartphones.

SINGAPORE, 28 APRIL 2011- Singapore has the world's third largest penetration of smartphones, according a report by market research firm TNS.

The TNS Mobile Life study reveals that Singapore has the world's third highest penetration rate of smartphones at 72 per cent, more than twice that of developed Asia.  

A study on the behaviour of mobile consumers, TNS Mobile Life, is the result of more than 25,000 hours of interviews with more than 34,000 respondents in 43 countries.

The report points out that Singaporeans do more on their mobile devices in every aspect of mobile activity, surpassing the global average twice in terms of mobile Internet access. The range of activities that Singaporeans want to do with their phones are also more advanced in comparison to their global counterparts. This is driven by a high demand for social content, location-based services as well as functionalities that enable 'anytime anywhere' access to services.

Singaporeans are more active users of core services from SMS (98 per cent in Singapore versus 74 per cent in developed Asia) to mobile Internet (62 per cent in Singapore versus 31 per cent globally)

"You just have to travel on the MRT to see how much people in Singapore rely on their mobile devices at every time of day. In fact, Singapore is the top Asian country in terms of mobile device ownership," said James Fergusson, managing director, global technology sector, TNS.

"Singapore is one of the most advanced countries in terms of mobile adoption which makes it the ideal testing ground for new solutions and content. What we're seeing here is a glimpse into the future of other countries round the world," Fergusson said.

The study finds that 61 per cent of Singaporeans rated content and apps as key considerations, contributing to the continued popularity of Android and iOS operating systems and their rich offerings. 

Social networking applications are increasingly important with Facebook being the number one accessed website on mobiles devices in Singapore. Video calling is set to grow with 52 per cent of those surveyed stating an interest in the technology.

"If you look at when Singaporeans are using their devices it also throws up some interesting information," added Fergusson. "You see a massive spike in mobile usage during the daily commute and in the late evening, while all mobile activity dips dramatically as Singaporeans eat dinner. However, the statistics suggest that people in Singapore are sharing lunch with distant friends and relatives, hence the level of social networking increases around lunchtime each day."



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