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Telekom Malaysia partnership to enhance local GPS

AvantiKumar | July 26, 2012
TM, MSC Malaysia firm Milan Utama collaboration will boost content for Malaysian GPS navigation solution- Lokatoo.

Telekom Malaysia collaboration with Milan Utama

PHOTO - A Yellow Pages representative with a Lokatoo GPS device. The device now contains embedded Yellow Pages business listings and TM WiFi sites.

A collaboration between MSC [Multimedia Supercorridor] Malaysia status IT solutions firm Milan Utama and national telco Telekom Malaysia (TM) will enhance content for a Malaysian GPS navigation solution.

Speaking on 17 July 2012, TM executive vice president, SME, Azizi A Hadi said one of the objectives of the partnership is to enhance the content of Lokatoo, a local GPS (global positioning system) navigation solution. "Through this partnership, Yellow Pages business listings and TM WiFi sites will also be embedded into the GPS navigation system; a synergy that will provide a richer content of directory information for Lokatoo users and bring a whole new meaning to navigating."

"TM is proud to collaborate with Milan Utama, which happens to be one of our customers from the SME [small and medium enterprise industry] segment and also the first local company that produces a GPS navigational device," said Azizi. "This collaboration portrays TM's unwavering support to Malaysian companies in developing our own local brand with the spirit of 'Malaysia Boleh!' [Malaysian Can!] I would like to reiterate, with TM as your partner, our resources are your resources to grow and realise your potential."

Milan Utama executive chairman, Dato' Wan Mohamad Saleh Wan Mahmood, said: "Today, we are one of the few companies in the world to own a navigation engine and of course remain the only one in Malaysia. With the excellent partnership with TM and the support of our car makers, we would continuously improve and invest to ensure that we develop a world class product that can continue towards satisfying the demands of the car industry at all times."

"The Lokatoo now has close to 30,000 popular commercial telephone numbers in its database and more will be added over time via careful selection of commercial telephone numbers relevant to a GPS user," said Wan Mohamad. "This new search feature allows users an alternative to the traditional way of searching by road names or Point of Interest (POI)."

Currently, the Lokatoo GPS navigation system is developed specifically to cater to automakers and will be available for mass consumer segment by the end of 2012.


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