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The enterprise and Generation Z

Mao Gen Foo, Vice President, Asia at OpenText | Oct. 20, 2015
Given their complete awareness of the dangers of risk, mismanagement and financial woes, Gen Z look for stability that is at the core of any organisation.

This vendor-written piece has been edited by Executive Networks Media to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favour the submitter's approach.

Gen Z = ambitious, career growth is valued, as well as financial stability, but short-winded or short-minded.

The post-millennial generation, or Gen Z as they are commonly referred to, have started to enter the workforce, flashing their tech-savvy upbringing and digital understanding in the eyes of their new employers. They have been raised on the Cloud, mastered mobile technology and have an entrepreneurial flare that means they are ambitious, hard-working and time-sensitive.

The arrival of Generation Z and their demands into the workplace may be the kick-start organisations need to revitalise their digital make up.

They've grown up with easy access to the Internet and are heavily reliant and persistent on connectivity. Their knowledge with regards to technology is almost second nature; they are technologically savvy which has earned them the nickname "digital natives." In essence, they are equipped with 'tools' needed to get the job done!

At OpenText, we understand that the workforce is shifting, and this shift is not only applicable to specific enterprises nor does it effect one specific demographic, but it applies to all. Executives must acknowledge that the employment landscape is in constant flux as they are impacted by the influence of disruptive forces. Aside from Gen Z, who represent the future, one must recognise that factors which shape the workplace come in the form of disruptive technologies and shifting workplace demographics.

The workplace now has numerous contributors, traditionalists, baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Z who unlike the others, are born to work and play around technology. Communication amongst Gen Z is preferred through the form of social media, virtual relationships are as important as physical, they are hyper connected and this plays a huge part with in make-up as a generation. They won't be able to distinguish between online and offline, because for the most part, their devices will keep them connected. This unique characteristic heavily influences their mindset with regards to access to information.

Multiple generation workforce
Source: OpenText

As the workplace becomes increasingly younger and digital technologies become more influential, each demographic will feel the changes that are set to come forth as Gen Z begins to make their mark. By 2020, the workplace will be made up of a mobile workforce, this mobility is supported by the demand of connectivity. Enterprises must ensure that information is instantaneous, data platforms are compatible with difference devices and mobile environments must be stable enough to facilitate the transparent exchange of information.


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