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The latest iPhones show why A.I. is the new electricity

Mike Elgan | Sept. 25, 2017
New technologies abound in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but one of them is not like the others.

Social networks use it heavily, and for a broad range of tasks. Facebook's algorithms and face-recognition features use it. The company's DeepText technology aims to understand the intent of various posts on the network and also Messenger.

Google Maps, as well as Lyft and Uber, use A.I. to estimate how long it takes a car to move through traffic.

Airplanes are piloted significantly by A.I. Boeing 777 pilots manually pilot their airplanes for an average of seven minutes per flight. The rest is controlled using A.I. autopilot.

Spam filters, auto-categorization and Google's Smart Reply feature use it, too. So do banks, which use A.I. for fraud detection, mobile deposits, credit checking and other tasks.

So while the public thinks about A.I. as some kind of sci-fi, futuristic possibility, they benefit from it every day.


It's time to change our thinking about A.I.

A.I., which has been in development for decades, is more than just another major technology. It’s the technology of our age.

It is to our lives what electricity was to people who lived 100 years ago. If you were an adult in 1917, you were born in a world before electricity went mainstream. And you would grow old in a world defined by electricity.

A.I. will revolutionize medicine, manufacturing, transportation, education and all other aspects of life. What’s truly new is the democratization – the placement of A.I. into everything.

Like electricity, it will increasingly become easy to access and necessary to build into everything. And like electricity, A.I. will be used for good and ill, but mostly for good. It will be an engine of unparalleled economic growth. It will free mankind from a world of soul-crushing labor. It will cure disease. Save lives. And open doors we can’t imagine today.

But first, it will make iPhone apps a lot cooler.


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