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The social media mania

Phoebe Magdirila | May 30, 2013
Social media mania is having a huge impact on traditional business operations. Companies that are leveraging this trend are seeing significant benefits, including collaboration and data sharing, in ways they've not experienced before.

To prevent any productivity issues that can be brought by social media use, apart from herself, she limits the social media access to her business partners, and another staff who manages the site and payments. That way, she can be assured that all concerns are properly taken-cared of and that no employee goes out of bounds when it comes to access.

Cuan likewise agrees that "the human side is usually the weakest link or with highest potential as point of failure." And this is still apart from the other "technology security risks and breach of confidentiality or data leakage" that a company may experience.

Thus, for Meralco, "security at various levels—covering people, process and technology" should be closely looked at.

"We do round-the-clock monitoring of our systems and conduct awareness to manage the human perspective," says Cuan. And looking forward, understanding the possible risks in the future, he furthers that Meralco will be "constantly on the lookout for other tools and solutions to meet our objectives."

Not Just for Leisure
Despite these risks, businesses embrace social media because they understand that it is a necessity. "It should be part of every strategy of the organization. People are able to share and collaborate, and most importantly, you learn from your customers," says Cuan.

And for Manila Peninsula, though they have not really tracked materialized business which originated from social media, "it's a source that has a potential for growth," says Arias. "The Peninsula hotel will be more aggressive on Facebook."

"Social media has reinforced the importance of here and now. Organizations can no longer take days to resolve consumer queries or grievances, unless they are ready for a social backlash. Word of mouth has gained a new meaning with one good or bad review being shared instantaneously," underscores Wipro's Koul. "As this trend grows, companies who can harness this medium to establish customer connect will be the business leaders of tomorrow."


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