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Top 100 apps - the definitive guide

Sydney Morning Herald | June 21, 2011
Searching for a useful new app? Look no further than our selection of 100 apps. You won't be able to do without them.

Searching for a happening wine bar, or a cafe with Wi-Fi? Want to read a good book or learn how to cook? Need to check your pulse or balance your budget? Look no further than your smartphone ... and our selection of 100 apps you soon won't be able to do without.

Oh, what a brave new world we live in. Who knew that one day we'd be using our mobile phones to do everything from scanning barcodes to checking our heart rates?

Apple currently has more than 350,000 applications available, with more than 10 billion downloads to date. Then there are the apps compatible with Android, Blackberry, Windows and Nokia devices.

To help you sort the gold from the dross, we have created a list of the best 100 apps to enhance the life of the modern phone, iPod touch or tablet user. We brought together a panel of five experts from around the country - researchers, developers, editors and commentators - all of whom are not only in the business, but use apps every day. They've each listed their five personal favourites, and helped select the remaining 75.

Because we wanted to focus on utility - apps that make life easier, not just more fun - the panel omitted most games, apart from the juggernauts Words With Friends and Angry Birds. As for sport, most of the major sporting associations (such as the AFL, English Premier League and Cricket Australia) have good official apps, so, for the sake of space, we've omitted those but pointed you to some others that also do it well.

- Caitlin Chang and Nina Karnikowski





A research fellow with the Interaction Design Group at the University of Melbourne and the Urban Informatics lab at the Queensland University of Technology, Satchell has been working on the development of social-networking app The Swarm, to be released later this year.



The Sydney Morning Herald's tablet editor, Hutcheon has developed and launched the Herald's new iPad app.



A freelance writer and copywriter for the past eight years, Cinotta specialises in technology and lifestyle, and is a self-confessed iPhone and iPad addict. She says, "Apps have changed the way I work, eat, travel, shop, exercise and party. It's hard to remember how we ever functioned without the entertainment vortex at hand!"


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