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Unappreciated new VMware feature

Kevin Fogarty | Aug. 25, 2008
VMware's most recent contribution is in the deservedly maligned ESX 3.5.0 Update 2, which managed to annoy a huge chunk of the VMware user base by mistakenly deciding its licenses were out of date.

So in that facet it's actually swapping one headache for another. Reducing the potential consequences of having two groups of servers that are almost compatible while not really eliminating the need for the due diligence you'd need to avoid the problem in the first place.

Assuming Update 2 believes your licenses are up to date, though, EVC can further narrow the distance between "almost" compatible and "really" compatible.

It doesn't eliminate that particular headache. But used correctly, it should reduce the number of Motrins involved in getting it fixed.


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