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Virtual servers are not free

Graham Titterington | July 20, 2010
Virtualization of servers doesnt solve the problem without a strategy to prevent virtual machine sprawl

1E has to tread a delicate path in delineating the boundary of its functionality

1E works with vendors at the hardware, operating system, and hypervisor levels. It seeks to complement, but not replace, native monitoring tools that come with these products. It is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and Microsoft has recently honored 1E with the award of ISV/Software Solutions Innovation Partner of the Year. However, as a relatively small vendor, 1E faces a challenge in maintaining this position and taking this recognition forward to become a strategic supplier to the enterprise market.

Should NightWatchman remain a passive information-providing tool or should it play a more proactive role in optimizing data center operations? NightWatchman provides information for administrators, but does not make recommendations or implement any changes. Currently most customers seem to like its read-only scope. Its open database has enabled CSC to produce reports based on the data it collects that are compliant with the ITAR requirements that CSC is working under. While we agree with 1E that NightWatchman should be primarily an advisory tool, it would seem logical to put the utilization findings in a capacity-planning context and recommend how virtual machines could be arranged to make better use of the host processors. However, this would conflict with some of 1Es current partners. This dividing line will become more of an issue as flexible provisioning of virtual machines (elastic computing) to handle variable workloads becomes more common.

The writer is an Ovum analyst.


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