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What telecommuting can do for your business

Logan G. Harbaugh | Sept. 29, 2011
Telecommuting, which allows people to work together from different locations, offers a wealth of opportunities for small businesses, including cost savings and the ability to quickly add specialized temporary workers. Telepresence tools, such as video conferencing, make telecommuting possible.

Rather than hosting servers in your offices, you can take advantage of cloud applications that enable telepresence. If your employees are distributed, cloud applications may provide more reliable service than your own servers would, since cloud vendors have multiple data centers and redundant connections to ensure reliable connectivity. Of course, you’ll need to thoroughly investigate the available security and backup options of each service.

6. Your organization can become more agile.

If the tools are set up properly, telepresence can make your company more agile, while giving workers greater flexibility to meet project requirements. You can find and enlist contract workers quickly for specific projects.

7. Your workers cost less.

If you’re located in an expensive area such as San Francisco or New York City, telecommuters can save you substantial amounts of money. They might live in Fargo, North Dakota, with a low cost of living and good Internet connectivity--and be satisfied with much lower salaries than in big cities. In addition, many workers will accept a lower salary in exchange for telecommuting. Finally, if you hire the workers as independent contracts, you'll save still more on payroll costs.

Telecommuting can save your company substantial sums with little in the way of real downsides, as long as you manage security carefully. The perception of difficulty in supervising remote workers often seems to be the biggest bar to implementing telecommuting, but you can overcome this by looking at the bottom line.


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