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Windows 7 can save US$150 per desktop: Microsoft

Ross O. Storey | Oct. 22, 2009
Enterprises promised considerable cost savings, energy efficiency and new security

Hundreds of umbrellas were raised to create the moment Windows 7 was available in Auckland, New Zealand. (IDGNS)

SINGAPORE, 22 OCTOBER 2009 - Typical enterprises will save up to US$150 per desktop by shifting to Windows 7, according to software giant Microsoft.

One early Windows adopter the Miami City Council had justified its upgrade to Windows 7 on the 30 per cent power saving features alone.

Microsoft said leading computer chip maker Intel estimated it would save US$11 million dollars over three years through a combination of functions and power savings provided by Windows 7.

These bold statements were among several made at today's Singapore enterprise launch of the much-vaunted operating system, together with Windows Server 2008 R2, Exchange Server 2010, plus Microsoft Forefront and MS System Centre.

The Lion City launch entitled Windows 7 and The New Efficiency' was part of Microsoft's massive global roadshow to launch its new operating system, which is the first in its history to be smaller than the previous version and claimed to be able to run most older machines.

At the gala enterprise launch, journalists from across the Asia Pacific were told that Windows 7 has a host of new enterprise features to improve security and manageability.

Greater efficiencies

Microsoft said Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Exchange Server 2010 work better together to drive greater efficiencies through features such as virtualisation, branch caching, security and desktop optimisation.

The launch was told that Windows Server 2008 R2 is maintained to be capable of unprecedented workload size, dynamic scalability, and across the board availability and reliability.

According to the promotional material, it helps provide improved branch office capabilities, exciting new remote access experiences, streamlined server management, and expands the Microsoft virtualisation strategy for both client and server computers.

Windows Server 2008 R2 provides Client and Server virtualisation provided by Hyper V and Presentation virtualisation with Remote Desktop Services.

Exchange Server 2010 helps users get more done by giving them the freedom to securely access all of their communications e-mail, voice mail, instant messaging, and more from virtually any platform, Web browser, or device through industry standard protocols. Information workers live their business lives in their inboxes every day. For so many organisations, Exchange has been the foundation of a universal inbox.

A major milestone

Microsoft president for the Asia Pacific, Emilio Umeoka, said today's package launch was a major milestone for the company.

Umeoka said Windows 7 was the most tested operating system that we have.

More than 10 million users have already enjoyed pre-release versions of Windows 7, including 2.5 million Beta downloads and eight million Release Candidate downloads.


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