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Windows 7 performance tests: Faster than Vista?

Nick Mediati | Oct. 1, 2009
Windows 7 is efficient enough to run even on netbooks with puny processors, but its only marginally faster than Vista.

In the other application-launching tests, the difference was no greater than 3.7 seconds on average--all in Windows Vista's favor. Keep in mind, though, that while the percentage difference is sizable, the actual difference is only a few seconds. You may notice the slowdown, but it isn't as big a deal as the numbers might suggest.

A Faster OS

Though Windows 7's performance improvements may not blow anyone away, Microsoft's new operating system proved speedier overall with every computer we tested it on. Of course, our tests were limited to five machines out of thousands of possible configurations available on the market, so your day-to-day results may vary.

Even so, the most important part of our conclusion stands: Windows 7 is faster than Windows Vista. In a world where upgrades are often performance downgrades, this may be the biggest Windows 7 feature of all.


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