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Compuware mainframe solution improved to boost developer productivity

Veronica C. Silva | Feb. 19, 2013
Even new and inexperienced developers can work on apps based on mainframe computers

With mainframe systems are still very much a part of today's enterprises, Compuware is helping developers improve their productivity even though they have little or no experience with the old computer systems.

Compuware Corporation said it has enhanced its mainframe application interface solution so that new and inexperienced developers working on the mainframe can work faster and more efficiently on some applications which require some interface with the mainframe.

The Compuware Workbench, the company's point-and-click mainframe application development interface, now offers faster and more efficient file and data management capabilities, and faster editing capabilities for the much older IMS database, aside from DB2 and other mainframe file systems.

The Michigan-based company said that working with IMS databases requires more technical expertise and knowledge, yet there are only a few developers who are available for this job. The Compuware Workbench interface allows developers to work within the same, familiar intuitive editor used in other more recent databases, making it easier for them to do their job.

New interface

"Without access to a modernised development interface, new developers would be deterred by the complex and antiquated mainframe development environment, leaving companies vulnerable to application outages and other business risks when experienced developers retire and take their knowledge with them," said Kris Manery, senior vice president, Mainframe Solutions Business Unit, Compuware.

The new Compuware Workbench also features additional flexibility in debugging applications by making it easier for developers to navigate through the source code. This feature complements other error-checking capabilities, such as automatically displaying syntax errors and compiler warnings so that developers can easily identify the exact location of errors.  

Manery added that mainframe systems are still important to some enterprises, including those in banking and mobile commerce, that is why Compuware continues to invest in mainframe solutions to serve such industries.

"Mainframe applications support billions of banking and mobile commerce transactions a day across the globe," said Manery. "These applications are deceivingly simple on the front end -- hit a few keys on your phone and a few days later a package arrives in the mail. The fact is that these applications are highly complex and require specialised tools to develop and maintain them. Compuware continues to make strategic investments in its mainframe solutions to help developers of all experience levels continue the important work of developing critical applications." 


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