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Digital Realty offers data centre solution

Veronica C. Silva | May 27, 2013
EnVision allows data centre operators to understand the infrastructure better with user-friendly interface.

Digital Realty recently launched a new data centre solution designed to help operators understand better how their infrastructure works - in simpler ways.

Simple, user-friendly and intuitive were some of the features to describe Digital Realty's EnVision solution for data centre infrastructure management (DCIM).

Digital Realty noted that although there are other similar solutions out in the market, EnVision was specifically developed to address the specific needs of data centre operators. With EnVision, data centre operators can analyse data in digestible and actionable manner. Operators can also view displays and reports with a user-friend interface, and they can also access historical data. 

"Up until now, data has been collected, but it has not necessarily been easily accessed or arranged in an intuitive manner that is helpful to a data centre operator," said David Schirmacher, senior vice president of portfolio operations, Digital Realty. "The goal in rolling out EnVision across our global portfolio is to give our customers a common database that is structured around the specific needs of data centre operators and can therefore manage the millions of data points that are found in today's largescale facilities."

Gartner earlier said that DCIM solutions help data centre operators know more about what's happening to their data centre assets and physical infrastructure. Such information can then help infrastructure owners to draw up analyses for operational planning and to improve efficiencies.

"EnVision links data centre IT and infrastructure metrics in order to give our customers real-time, historical and predictive views into their operations," said Michael Foust, chief executive officer, Digital Realty. "This will benefit our customers in a variety of ways. For example, it will provide improved efficiency analysis and help operations teams to support future planning. We are excited to bring EnVision to market and feel that it represents the next critical stage in the ongoing evolution of DCIM solutions."

The EnVision will be rolled out starting this month, but it will take about 18 months to complete the rollout across Digital Realty's current global data centre portfolio, which consists of 122 properties in 32 markets. 


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