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Digital Realty Trust strengthens its global ecosystem

Anuradha Shukla | Aug. 27, 2013
Introduces Digital Open Internet Exchange environment.

Digital Realty Trust is strengthening its global ecosystem with the launch of an open-interconnect and peering environment.

The company has announced the launch of Digital Open Internet Exchange, which is designed to address the Internet community’s demand for more independent and cost-effective exchange options.

“Digital Open Internet Exchange is a game-changer for the entire IP and networking community, and for our customers,” said Michael Foust, chief executive officer at Digital Realty.

Through its Digital Realty Ecosystem, Digital Realty Trust provides its customers with a neutral, efficient and connectivity-rich environment that enables them to easily connect with carriers, business partners and service providers.

This Ecosystem also provides carriers and service providers with an underlying, redundant infrastructure that allows smooth delivery of a complete portfolio of products and services to customers in any Digital Realty data centre.

All this is achieved without capital-intensive deployment costs, claims the Digital Realty Trust.

Enhanced interconnectivity

The Digital Open Internet Exchange creates a truly open Internet exchange environment, which ensures customers can immediately access enhanced interconnectivity and Internet peering capabilities across the expansive global portfolio of Digital Realty Trust.

The Digital Open Internet Exchange is an important part of the Digital Realty Ecosystem and enables the Internet community to develop truly neutral and member-governed Internet exchanges.

Following this announcement, Digital Realty Trust will operate as an endorsed data centre partner with the governing bodies and endorsed IXPs (Internet exchange providers) of Internet exchanges in each of the major exchange locations in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. 

The launch of Digital Open Internet Exchange will enable organisations within business ecosystems to connect with each other in and across all of Digital Realty’s global locations.

“This initiative establishes the optimal exchange environment, making it possible for Internet service providers (ISPs), content delivery networks (CDNs) and content producers to interconnect with their peers as well as to other exchanges from our data centres at a significantly lower cost than they pay today, while also improving the quality of service they can provide to customers,” said John Sarkis, vice president of Connectivity and Carrier Operations at Digital Realty.


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