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Broadcasters may have beat back Aereo, but online TV's future is bright

James Careless | July 16, 2014
Broadcast networks may still be celebrating last month's big win where the Supreme Court sided with them in a dispute with online TV service Aereo. But even though the court's decision put a stop to Aereo rebroadcasting network TV content without paying for it--and knocked Aereo out of commission, at least temporarily--don't expect ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC to spend too time much popping corks. They likely know that winning a battle is not the same as winning the war, and the war for consumer eyeballs between traditional and online TV is just getting started.

As more good stuff — quality programming that attracts a dedicated audience — becomes available online, the hold on viewers that traditional broadcasters enjoy will weaken. And when — not if, but when — an online content provider finds a way to buy the online rights to live sports like the National Football League, that hold will disappear.

So yes, the Big Four TV broadcasters won a battle against Aereo. Winning the war against online TV providers will be a far tougher task.


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