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eBay site down for morning - auction site maintenance over runs

Simon Jary | Aug. 26, 2013
Auction site eBay was down for a large portion of August 23, 2013, and problems not entirely fixed by the next day

Mega auction site eBay has been down for most of this morning. eBay sites around the world have been affected, including US, UK, Germany, Italy and Australia.

eBay had "scheduled maintenance" from 7-9am GMT on August 23. 2013, but this has severely overrun, with the site either unavailable or refusing to log users in past 11am. Reports indicate that the outage lasted into the early afternoon (UK time).

Reports from around Europe report similar eBay login problems in Germany and Italy, although the German eBay site is now operational.

eBay has confirmed that the downtime was planned - although not for as long as the site has been out of order:

"The eBay system is undergoing scheduled general maintenance which has been previously announced. During this maintenance period, certain eBay features may be intermittently unavailable or slow and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused," a spokesperson said.

At 9.46am eBay apologized for the lengthy disruption that is stopping people bidding on items, selling products or paying for purchases.

"The eBay system is undergoing scheduled general maintenance. This maintenance work has run longer than planned. During this maintenance period, certain eBay features may be intermittently unavailable or slow.

"We will update you with more information and actions taken soon.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused. "

Furious bidders have taken to Twitter to moan about the eBay outage.

"Pretty poor show from ebay. Site down for 'scheduled maintenance' during UK business hours that no one was warned about, & no answers to qs," was a fairly typical tweet from a UK user.

On message boards eBay sellers were expecting heavy losses caused by the eBay outage.

"I'm expecting to loose [sic] around £50 per hour whilst ebay is down. Currently I expect to be out of pocket by around £200 and the clock is ticking - for people thinking eBay will react to threatening to close your seller account, they won't. The best we can hope for is a little compensation but eBay is like being in an abusive relationship. Yes, you can choose to leave but will you ever? No, Exactly," wrote one seller on Yahoo Answers.


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