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GFG Group secures online payment in Indonesia

Anuradha Shukla | March 20, 2012
Delivers its FINsim testing tool to electronic payment services network Artajasa.

GFG Group has delivered its FINsim testing tool to Indonesian electronic payment services network Artajasa.

This tool will simplify and streamline development and testing of applications across the entire network.

Artajasa established the first shared ATM network in Indonesia and its testing requirements grew over time. It searched for a solution that could perform several tasks such as reducing the testing cycles, developing new code and new functionality as well as the testing of individual system components such as switches, databases and their member banks' interfaces.

FINsim seemed to be the right choice after evaluating other vendors in the market and Artajasa now uses the testing tool to achieve tremendous advantages in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

"FINsim has helped us greatly by making development and testing of applications much easier and efficient," said Artajasa's application development manager Handiawan Sujana.

"We can build and test a variety of ATM configurations and simulate a range of terminal conditions quickly and easily. We don't need physical terminals and cards, meaning we can streamline everything we do in terms of the place, the time and test activities."

Accurate stress test environment

FINsim also automates routine testing for Artajasa and allows it to review switch hardware performance, memory usage, ceiling limits, various link strategies, middleware and general optimisation tuning.

An extremely accurate stress test environment by FINsim has brought a new level of confidence to Artajasa and it now plans to include pre-certification of member banks within FINsim.

This will enable Artajasa to improve its certification process for both of their existing and new member banks.

GFG Group's automated FINsim tool has enabled Artajasa to achieve its goal of delivering an electronic payment services network that maintains high availability, convenience and efficiency to its customers.

"Artajasa is a major player in the Southeast Asia region - where GFG Group is rapidly building momentum with our entire solution set, encompassing cards, mobile and now testing," said Wayne Robinson, GFG Group's senior vice president, marketing and sales.

"We are delighted to be working with a customer of Artajasa's calibre."


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