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Google's China problem (and ours)

Robert X. Cringely | Jan. 18, 2010
Did Google finally manage to translate "Don't be evil" into Mandarin?

Microsoft has already weighed in: It's staying in China, cyber spies or no (more evidence for you conspiracy fans out there). Not that anyone actually pays for Microsoft products over there -- or at least pays Microsoft for them. No matter; they've elected to fight software piracy "from the inside." They probably calculated that boycotting Beijing would have little to no impact on their image; people who hate Microsoft will continue to hate Microsoft, while the MSFT fanboys will endorse any move they make.

Too bad. Because if the tech industry really wants China to change the way it does business, a unified front might have been more effective. If the big U.S. tech companies all elected to stop aiding and abetting the Chinese in their attempts to rewrite history as it happens -- and tacitly condone attempts to steal our nation's intellectual property, one of the few areas where we still lead the world -- it would be that much harder for them to do it.

Should other tech firms boycott Beijing? E-mail me: But don't blame me if the Chinese start spying on you.


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