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LinkedIn Groups gets (mediocre) makeover, new iOS app

Matt Kapko | Oct. 19, 2015
The redesigned LinkedIn Groups interface and new iOS app aim to bolster the service, but bringing order to the chaos of message boards is no small task and many early users aren't impressed.

"So far, the changes are neither good nor bad," says Charles Krugel, a labor and employment lawyer who started a LinkedIn Group in 2009 that now has nearly 3,000 members. "I don't think that LinkedIn has addressed all of the changes that need to be made, but this new version of Groups seems to be on the right track."

LinkedIn's Group management functions continue to have a number of incongruences, according to Krugel. Mason concurs, adding that Group moderation needs to be completely retooled to adequately support the most active and helpful Group moderators.

"I'd love to see something that's almost a voting system where moderators are nominated or chosen based on Group majority, since that would reward those who truly do give substantive value to other members," says Mason.


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