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Making a case for video conferencing

Randel Maestre | Oct. 28, 2010
It is a viable business solution that enables people to see each other clearly and collaborate more effectively.

With the right infrastructure in place and an open standards approach, each of these devices can interoperate and interact live with each other and with traditional conferencing rooms, lecture halls and immersive telepresence suites. When coupled with the ability to share multimedia content from presentations to full motion video teams can collaborate, communicate, and make decisions more effectively than ever.

More mainstream

As UC becomes more mainstream, the number of UC vendors and products has grown significantly. As a result, a best-of-breed approach is the most common way of ensuring the right functionality in a mixed-technology, multi-vendor environment. Interoperability is a key requirement in todays UC world.  And, many companies tout an open standards approach.

There is, however, a difference between interoperability and open standards.  Interoperability may require equipment upgrades, external devices or conversion appliances to enable cross-technology communications. Products that are open standards-based often have a more seamless integration between different vendor solutions.  

How does one choose a video conferencing solution with numerous choices available in the market? Understanding a companys goals and objectives financially, technologically and operationally will be key to ensuring the right video conferencing system.

For example, an SMB may opt for a product due to its lower price point, a manufacturer may want a high definition system for high-resolution remote inspection applications while an energy company many want a mobile video solution for remote repair.

By enabling people to easily communicate anytime, anywhere, video conferencing solutions maximise productivity and accelerate decision-making helping companies achieve a significant competitive advantage.

Randel Maestre is global head and senior director, industry solutions, Polycom.


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