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Social media tailored for the enterprise: tibbr

Anushkar Mohinani | July 14, 2011
In its third generation, TIBCO’s social computing platform has more enterprise-relevant capabilities to further drive business processes.

TIBCO yesterday (13 July) announced the first-in-Asia launch of tibbr 3.0, an upgrade to its enterprise social computing platform, six months after its first release.

tibbr is a platform that incorporates the social media paradigm in a professional manner, said TIBCO’s executive president Ram Menon who was speaking at Singapore’s Raffles Hotel.

Menon said social media is not a fad and is “here to stay”. He explained that it has become “the default means of communication” especially for the new generation of workforce. The ‘wall’ has become the “lingua franca of consuming information,” he added.

However, Menon said that Facebook for the enterprise is not a viable strategy. Hence TIBCO’s approach to tibbr is not about “ripping off Facebook,” he continued. 

tibbr is a differentiated offering that delivers relevant information to employees to improve business processes and accelerate their productivity, Menon elaborated. “Social computing in the enterprise is about reducing friction in workflow processes,” he said. With tibbr, users do not just follow people but also events and subjects relevant to their job scope, he highlighted.

Menon further drew attention to the added “enterprise-ready” features of tibbr 3.0, which allows employees to perform a number of tasks without having to leave their wall.

For instance, tibCast, a unified communication tool, allows for video conferencing and voice calls to be carried out within the tibbr wall. Additionally, it will allow employees to not only attain information but “act” on them, such as purchasing an order and filling expense. Menon further said that the product will have the capability to find, access and share documents inside tibbr.

tibbr 3.0 is expected to be available in August 2011.Menon said he is optimistic about the outlook for the take-up of the product in Asia.


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