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Sorry, Google: I'm just not buzzed about Buzz

Robert X. Cringely | Feb. 11, 2010
Google just unveiled its latest Facebook/Twitter-killing social email app, Google Buzz. But Cringely is less than impressed.

I then followed another two dozen or so folks that Buzz suggested for me, even though they're not in my Gmail address book (all of them have Google Profiles). Then I used Buzz's search tool to find people at random. Did you know there are at least four people with Google Profiles named Paris Hilton? I followed them all.

Whenever anyone in my follow list "buzzed" (I don't know what the right word for that is yet, but I hope "buzzed" isn't it) I got an alert in Gmail. Due to the threaded nature of the conversations, it's kind of like eavesdropping on strangers. Not that anyone had anything particularly juicy to share.

Mostly it was "Hey, I'm using Buzz. What is this for, exactly?" Or "Hey, I can't get Buzz to work on my smart phone." Or "Hey, Buzz works on my Droid, but not my PC. What's up with that?"

In fact, there was a lot of "this isn't quite working" chatter. I had my own problems as well. Like, for reasons unknown, it wouldn't let me add my Flickr account, and some of my tweets simply never showed up. Also, quite pointedly, there is no Facebook integration at all.

Then Gmail just stopped working entirely -- I'm guessing because a lot of people like me were trying to access Buzz at the same time. (Wait, this is Google. Aren't they supposed to have a goddamzillion computers churning away in secret lairs buried deep inside volcanoes?)

So that's another thing Buzz doesn't have yet: A fail whale. But it looks like they might need one.


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