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This Internet Life: Staying on topic is vastly overrated

Jonathan Hamilton | April 15, 2013
While the Internet can be very entertaining with its ability to give you access to millions of other opinions from across the world, there is always flip-side that shows itself more often than not. When it comes to video comments, forum posts, and online conversation in general, the root of all Internet evil comes from those who write off-topic replies. Nothing derails a thread quite like a bad meme, a random nude picture, or one guy calling another out for a duel of words and internet-ego. No matter what the original thread was about, one errant post can send it all crashing to the edge of oblivion (if the mods are doing their job).

The gist of the meme is to have a picture of, say, a tulip. The text will say something along the lines of "Tulips smell like ass/ Said no one ever." Sometimes they change "no one" to something relevant to the picture, but that hardly saves this meme from being rehashed Internet garbage from a few years ago.* Sigh.

The Chronicles of Comfy Knight and the Battle of the Scrubs

On April 10th, IGN released a 12-minute gameplay video for the upcoming game Dark Souls II. The video features Yui Tanimura, one of the new directors of the series, to answer questions throughout the brief showing of new and old gameplay mechanics.

With the introduction of torch-lighting, dual-wielding weapons, deflecting projectiles with sword swings, and enemies that can burst through walls, fans of the franchise have, for the most part, gotten hyped to hell and back. Within the thousand or so comments on IGN's video alone, there was much debate about what the finished product will be like. Since no name was given for the character used in the demo, fans have affectionately named this man "Comfy Knight" (presumably because his furry shoulder pads look soft and fluffy).

For the devoted, however, there was another topic up for deep philosophical discussion: Who would win in a fight once the new game comes out? With many raging over the mere thought of the hardcore series featuring an Easy Mode in this installment, tempers flared in the IGN comment box as several commenters began to call each other out on their oh-so clear shortcomings in playing the previous games in the series.

I know gamers these days have the attention span of seven year-olds on Pixie Stix and the egos of football jocks, but holy crap, can't we just discuss the giant axe that got chucked into Comfy Knight's skull?


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