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A true story of combating a large-scale DDoS attack

Adrian Newby, CTO, CrownPeak | April 15, 2015
Every website is subject to cyberattack. The difference is in how you plan for the threat and how your infrastructure is able to alert and respond.

Our attackers had run out of gas. They hammered us and hammered us until they simply gave up and went home. At the end, the company's CIO told us that if they had hosted the site in their own data center they would have been out of options and unable to respond a mere eight hours into the attack. Remember that handshake agreement to share the cost of defense? At the end of the day, the total cost in Amazon Web Services fees to successfully respond and defend this assault for 36 hours amounted to less than $1,500.

How to Prepare for a DDoS Attack

We survived because we were prepared, but this experience gave us additional insights for surviving a large-scale DDoS attack. Here are some things you can do to fortify your data center and protect your corporate website(s): 

I firmly believe that together as an industry we need to collaborate on a better collective understanding of our adversaries' tactics, techniques and procedures to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.


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