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Free DNS service adds IPv6 support

Carolyn Duffy Marsan, Network World | May 2, 2011
OpenDNS, one of the Internet's most popular free DNS services, is now offering production-grade support for IPv6, an upgrade to the Internet's main communications protocol known as IPv4.

IPv6, on the other hand, uses 128-bit addresses and supports a virtually unlimited number of devices -- 2 to the 128th power. But despite its promise of an endless supply of address space, IPv6 represents only a tiny fraction -- less than 0.03% -- of Internet traffic.

Ulevitch said the new OpenDNS IPv6 service would allow Internet users to access IPv6-only websites, which he admits are a "very,very small'' portion of Internet resources.

OpenDNS says it has more than 20 million users globally, representing 1% of all Internet users. The company's free service is popular with U.S. public school systems, while its paid enterprise version has attracted corporations of all sizes.


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