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Palo Alto says its new endpoint protection tool can stop the bad stuff in its tracks

John Dix | Nov. 13, 2014
“Traps” focuses on how exploits work, not their signature.

How do you sell this?
It is sold as a subscription service. So you can buy Traps as a one, three or five-year subscription and, as I mentioned, there is a thin client you have to deploy. It can be deployed through a company's standard distribution software.

So a per-device fee?
Right now we have two price points, one for workstation and one for server. Then it's on a tiered structure, with different price bands depending on the total number of deployed endpoints.

One more thing I want to mention. You'll see us referring to Advanced Endpoint Protection, which we're defining differently than how others might define endpoint protection today. Many definitions largely align with classic anti-virus capabilities. We think to qualify as an Advanced Endpoint Protection solution you have to be able to block all exploits, whether they're known or unknown. You have to be able to block all malware, both known and unknown. Forensics remains crucial because there's knowledge and insight that can be gained to protect the rest of the organization. It has to be very scalable and lightweight. If you're deploying hundreds of thousands of these clients across endpoints as small as a point-of-sale system, this can't be a big memory and CPU hog.

And finally, it has to be integrated with the cloud and the network. These worlds are going to collide in a very big way. If you can link the network with the endpoint and the endpoint with the network, there is a tremendous advantage across both fronts when it comes to ultimately bolstering security efficacy. They're going to see things inherently the others can't see, and if you can bring that together in terms of some type of sharing relationship, then everything becomes strong together.


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