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Royal wedding could be royal pain for IT

Sharon Gaudin, Computerworld | April 28, 2011
If your corporate network starts to get a bit sluggish Friday, you might have to blame Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Workers in the U.K. won't have to worry about hiding their wedding viewing from their bosses. Friday is a national holiday in the Great Britain because of the prince's wedding.

So what is an IT administrator to do? Analysts say they can send out warning emails, reminding employees what their clandestine wedding watching can do to the company network.

They also can be realistic and set up a TV in a break room so people can pop in and get their wedding fix and then get back to work.

"IT might want to watch their loads and be ready to limit bandwidth if things get out of hand," said Dan Olds, an analyst at Gabriel Consulting Group. "Or better yet, encourage interested employees to huddle together in common cubes watching one monitor. This would have the added benefit of keeping them away from the majority of other employees who, while wishing the happy couple well, don't give a crap about watching them get married live."


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