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Telco networks affected by Canterbury earthquake

Computerworld New Zealand staff | Feb. 22, 2011
Telecommunication companies have provided updates on how their networks have been affected by the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck Christchurch just before 1pm local time Tuesday.

2degrees 3.15pm

- We have 71 of 98 cell sites on back up battery.

- There are 3 sites not carrying traffic at all, but we haven't yet physically inspected them to assess damage and estimate restoration.

- We've sustained damage to our switch room, but it is running on generator as planned.

- Our staff have not been injured.

- Our network is operating, with some voice calls to Telecom congested (likely as people try to call fixed lines). Traffic to Vodafone is not as congested.

- We have tripled our calling capacity, but still find call volumes increasing.

- Please stress that people should make essential calls only.

Telecom 3pm, via Twitter

Please keep ALL calls nationwide to minimum to save capacity for emergency services. Txt instead if you can

Telecom 2.17pm

Some network sites have been badly damaged and are not working, and others are operating on battery back up power.

To minimise the stress on the network and to conserve back-up power we ask people to only use their phones for emergency calls.

Vodafone 1.57pm

We are currently prioritising the safety of our people and our stores. Our core network is functioning as per normal, although we have sustained damage to approx eight sites and have a large number running on battery.

There is heavy congestion on the network and we encourage people to text rather than call in order not to overload.

TelstraClear 1.54pm

- Our core infrastructure in the region is operating

- There are widespread power outages in Christchurch

- As a result we have around 100 cabinets without power. These are currently running on back-up power.

- This means our voice services are still operating, except where there is damage to phone lines, individual premises or power is lost to premises

- Around half of our cable modem customers are without services. This may be due to power outages or damage to premises.

- As soon as it is safe we will have technicians inspecting the network.

2degrees 1.35pm

- 73 of the 98 2degrees cellsites do not have power, but are operating with battery backup.

- Our switch (which controls traffic) is running on generator.

- These backups have performed as planned so our network is operating for calls.

- None of 2degrees' staff have been injured in the quake.

Telecom 1.20pm

Telecom is working intensively to understand which services have been affected by today's earthquake and get these restored as soon as possible. Our thoughts are with the people of Canterbury. We will provide regular updates as more information becomes available.


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