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6 things we like about Internet Explorer 9 beta (and six not so much)

Howard Wen | Sept. 29, 2010
Good and bad features of IE9

Worse, the color of the bar below a thumbnail is meaningless -- it is pulled from one of the colors used for the Web site's favicon and, otherwise, does not appear to convey any important technical information.

4. The new download manager

Although it's clearly an improvement over what's found in previous versions of IE, this new manager doesn't seem to track some file types downloaded with it (particularly, image files).

5. No improvement in editing bookmarks

Putting it bluntly, editing your list of Favorites (i.e. bookmarks) still stinks in IE9 beta. No improvement has been implemented for the way your Favorites list is managed (i.e. renaming, deleting, moving, etc.) in IE9 beta. To be fair, none of the other major browsers present managing your bookmarks in a good way.

We're hoping this is one area that the IE9 developers will address before the browser's final release.

6. No XP for you!

Like all the other cool new toys that Microsoft will soon be releasing (such as Windows Live Essentials 2011), IE9 will not be available for Windows XP.

So for you XP hold-outs, IE8 will be the last browser you ever get from Microsoft.


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