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Customers petition Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, demand changes to Windows 10 update practices

Gregg Keizer | Oct. 19, 2015
'We have a right to know what you are placing on our computers,' says one signer of petition that asks Microsoft to cede more control of updating to users

Microsoft has argued that the staggered release of any one update -- first to participants of its Insider beta program, then to the CB, finally to the CBB -- will result in higher-quality updates that have been tested by millions of customers each step of the way. That testing and the resulting improvements in an update's quality, Microsoft has said, means that users, especially business users, can unilaterally accept each update without worrying about something breaking, or even without the widespread testing IT staffs have historically done when faced with changes.

The problem with that model, even setting aside the philosophical differences between Microsoft and customers who want more granular control, is that the branches model has yet to debut: Microsoft will issue the first update to the Current Branch next month, with the first for the Current Branch for Business in the spring of 2016.

Microsoft has also not completed work on Windows Update for Business (WUB), an offshoot of Windows Update meant for corporate use. WUB, which will not be a product per se but instead a set of features and tools available only to organizations that have adopted the CBB, won't be finalized until sometime next year. In the meantime, resistance to Windows 10 has been building, albeit mostly in the narrow constituency of those running the Insider builds, the only branch that has seen regular updates since the OS launched in July.

Microsoft has also taken heat for other practices related to Windows 10, including its aggressive promotion of the upgrade. Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, for example, have been getting more vocal in their criticism of Microsoft's pre-loading of the Windows 10 upgrade files on Windows 7 and 8.1 devices. They have also argued that recent moves, like pushing Windows 10 via Windows Update, as well as reissuing the upgrade to customers who have previously declined it, verge on the deceptive. petition for Windows 10

A petition that has collected 1,600 signatures asks Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to make his Windows 10 team provide more information to users about updates, and give customers more control over what they install on their PCs.


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