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Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan release date and new features

Karen Haslam | Aug. 20, 2015
If you are already convinced you want to run El Capitan and are wondering just how quickly you can get you hands on it you will be glad to hear that you won’t be waiting for long - in fact if you aren't risk averse you can get it now.

Audio can be muted with a single click on its tab, which will be welcome to anyone who's had multiple web pages open only to suddenly hear audio blasting out of their Mac. The new version of Safari will make it obvious which of those tabs is responsible and you will be able to hit a mute button on that tab. If you have more than one audio stream open Safari will make it easier to manage that too - just click on the speaker icon in the address bar to see a list of all the tabs playing audio. You'll be able to shut down the audio on the tabs you wish from this view.

Not announced during the keynote, apparently the Safari Reader has four colour themes and eight typefaces, plus Safari's top hit will show now when you search in Spotlight.

OS X El Capitan: Notes

Notes gets a much needed refresh on the Mac - that app has been far too limited to be useful other than as a way to share text between the Mac and iPhone quickly.

Now it can now handle media including photos and PDFs, URLs, and map locations as well as text. It will sync with other devices on the same account. And it will allow formatting of text.

There's also a new formatting option that will turn a list into a checklist. You will also be able to share to Notes from other Mac apps.

Also in Notes is a new attachments browser which you can flick through to fins all the media, websites and other attachments you have added to Notes, similar to how you can look at all the images sent to you in Messages.

In iOS 9 Notes synced with iOS via an IMAP mailbox, rather than using the iCloud infrastructure to sync, like every other app on your Apple devices. In El Capital Notes will get the full iCloud treatment.

OS X El Capitan: Maps

The big news as far as Maps is concerned is that it is gaining transit directions, so if you aren't walking or driving you will be able to find your route (presuming you live in London and are using the tube or bus - as yet trains are not included, and the data doesn't go beyond the M25).

You may be thinking that the update to Maps is more likely to make a difference to you when you are out and about with your iPhone, but it appears that the OS X Maps version includes detailed maps of tube stations so that you can plan which exit to use.

OS X El Capitan: Mail


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