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Microsoft antagonizes users with intrusive new Windows 10 upgrade tactics

Gregg Keizer | Oct. 19, 2015
Says one approach was 'a mistake' even as users struggle to stop the OS from installing.

Thus far, Mayfield's source has been spot on: No matter how much nagging Microsoft does, the Windows 10 upgrade has continued to require user interaction to complete. But some -- perhaps the most cynical -- have wondered for months, since Microsoft first put the Get Windows 10 applet on customers' PCs, really, if Microsoft might dare to take that really drastic step.

The blow-back would be enormous.

One disturbing part of the latest measures Microsoft's taken to amplify the Windows 10 upgrade, however, is its use of the Optional list in Windows Update: The company has a history -- more prominent in the last year -- of sticking an item there initially, then after some time digesting telemetry from customers to see if there are any showstoppers, switching the same item to "Important" status. That label means that every PC that has Windows Update set to automatically download and install updates -- in other words, the vast majority -- gets the update without lifting a finger to click on the screen.

GWX Control Panel can be downloaded from Mayfield's website free of charge, although he has recently begun taking donations from appreciative users.


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