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66% in APAC believe IoT in home will be a reality in 5 years

Ike Suarez | June 27, 2014
Fortinet Global Survey records people’s concerns about data breaches and privacy.

Most tech-savvy homeowners worldwide (61%) believe the connected home-a home where household appliances and  electronic devices  link seamlessly to the Internet-will be a reality soon, according to a press statement by Fortinet.

However, Fortinet notes that the savvy homeowners worldwide (69 %) have also expressed concern such connectivity could result into data breaches or exposure of sensitive information.

The Sunnyvale, California-based provider of network security solutions said these percentages were obtained from a survey of tech-savvy homeowners worldwide completed only last June.

Sample size consisted of 1801 homeowners surveyed with 750 coming from Australia, China, India, Malaysia and Thailand.

Higher Percentages

In the Asia-Pacific, more respondents at 66 % said the Internet-of-Things (IoT) in the home is likely to become a reality within five years.

In China, the percentage was even higher at 84%

But concerns about the possibility of data breaches were also higher in the Asia-Pacific at 73% as against 69% worldwide.

In view of these, 46% of Asia-Pacific respondents said governments should regulate the collection of data obtained from the Internet- the percentage globally was 42%.

That regulations on data privacy should be enforced by an independent non-government  organization was a policy favored by 11 % of respondents globally.



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