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7 steps for archiving your files for posterity

Lincoln Spector | May 28, 2015
We really don't know how long our photos and other digital content will last. But you can increase the odds that your great-grandchildren will enjoy the digital record of your life.

Most writable optical discs aren't very stable, unfortunately. They could all be unreadable in a few years.

Instead, I recommend you use M-Discs. I don't trust the claim that they'll last 1,000 years, but tests have proven them far more resilient than other discs. You'll need a drive that supports M-Discs to burn them, but any drive can read them.

Will your descendants have optical drives? Probably not. But if enough people archive this way, the drives will be available, even if you have to go to a specialist to use one.

7. Make sure loved ones know about these files

If no one knows about them, no one might ever see them.


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