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Booming demand for digital data storage space

Anuradha Shukla | Aug. 16, 2010
Terabyte drives worth US$103 million sold in Asia in the last two years: Gfk Asia

SHENZHEN, CHINA, 16 AUGUST 2010 - The current explosion in digital content, coupled with a steep decrease in the price of digital storage, has touched off a growing demand for ever greater digital data storage space, announced Gfk Asia, a global provider of technology and retail market data in Asia.

More than 908,000 terabyte drives, worth slightly less than US$103 million, were sold in Asia in the last two years, or about US$113 per one terabyte (TB) of storage space, clearly indicating that digital storage capacity is high up on the list of preferences of today's consumers.

Price decline

GfK Asia has also found that the cost per gigabyte in Asia has gone down by between 23 to 40 per cent within the same period. The price decline has been more precipitous in more mature Asian countries such as Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, than in emerging economies such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Consumers hailing from the aforementioned mature economies were discovered to be purchasing external high-capacity hard disk drives (HDDs), and the segment that saw the most growth was the 3.5 1-TB and above capacity segment, which was found to have enjoyed a 567 per cent sales growth year-on-year.

Consumers in emerging economies, meanwhile, were able to enjoy considerable decreases in cost per gigabyte (23 per cent in two years), stimulating a 65 per cent increase in sales. Meanwhile, storage drives of 750GB capacity sold 48 per cent better year-on-year, while 500GB storage drives sold 545 per cent better.

More storage capacity

Gerard Tan, regional account director for IT at Gfk Asia, said since its introduction to Asian markets in the first six months of 2007, 1TB HDD sales figures improved dramatically from April to June of 2010 by 30 per cent despite a high average price of US$148.

An HDD of this capacity, said Tan, can offer more storage capacity; owners can store more than 700 days worth of music, 250 DVD films or around 300,000 high-resolution photos.

Tan said another factor in the increasing popularity of these HDDs is the fact that netbooks and notebooks of today are smaller than their predecessors, leaving less space for internal storage. A typical internal HDD is only 2.5 and can have far less capacity, which makes it necessary for many consumers to buy external storage. Tan concluded by saying that many other developments nowadays, such as higher broadband speeds, more readily available public wi-fi, new products such as the iPad, and so on, would ensure that the demand for higher-capacity HDD storage solutions would remain considerable for the foreseeable future.


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