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EMC helps organisations prepare for data deluge in the network

Veronica C. Silva | April 28, 2011
Isilon line of hardware and software solutions offers more power and flexibility.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, 28 APRIL 2011 - Bracing for the data deluge in the network, EMC is offering the market its latest hardware and software solutions to help companies handle as much as zetabytes of data.

EMC's next generation of Isilon scale-out NAS solutions promise increased throughput in replicating big data, something that is important for mission-critical applications. The Isilon line is ideal for organisations needing some flexibility in their infrastructure set-up.

Whether for the digital media industry, life sciences, banking and finance, the Internet or services, the Isilon line gives organisations flexibility as it can connect to a host of hardware configurations.

The new solutions include the Isilon S200 and Isilon X200 hardware; the Isilon OneFS 6.5 operating system, and the Isilon's SyncIQ 3.0 data replication solution.

Impact of big data

EMC said its Isilon line is designed to help organisations brace for the "big data era," which is already upon us and has already made an impact on individuals and organisations.

Isilon is based on the scale-out storage architecture which allows organisations to expand horizontally, in contrast to vertical expansion. This means organisations can simply attach storage and other infrastructure nodes or devices to the network with minimal disruption on the network operations.

Said Sam Grocott, vice president of marketing, Isilon: "The foundation of this transformational shift is scale-out storage, which delivers the simplicity, scale, and 'pay as you grow' architecture big data requires, while also providing advanced enterprise functionality to ensure seamless integration with a broad range of mainstream IT environments."

The Isilon S200 and Isilon X200 can connect to either serial attached SCSI (SAS) or serial ATA (SATA) drives, and next-generation quad core processors for maximum throughput.

Simplicity in big numbers

"The creation of digital content is expected to eclipse 35 zetabytes by 2020 (a 44x CAGR). IT professionals, however, are growing at a rate of only 1.4x, creating an ever-widening chasm between the amount of information being created and the people available to manage it," said Dave Reinsel, group vice president, IDC. "Increasingly, enterprises will need to consider scale-out storage for its ability to simplify management of and accelerate access to their storage in the pursuit of new opportunities."

EMC said its OneFS 6.5 operating system can scale up to 10 petabytes of capacity and has features that simplify big data management.

The SyncIQ 3.0 replication solution can replicate millions of files and terabytes of data, making it ideal for disaster recovery, data backup and online delivery content.


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