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Iomega iConnect

Jon L. Jacobi | May 5, 2010
The iConnect transforms existing hard drives into one by plugging into one of the four USB ports.<!--more-->

The Copy Jobs tab was also extremely useful for monitoring your copying tasks and the One-Touch copy button worked without difficulty. It was easy to copy the contents of a small flash drive to my larger LaCie Rikiki drive.

Enabling a Time Machine backup was a bit more problematic. Initially, none of the portable drives attached to the iConnect could be used for Time Machine backup; a single drive had to be enabled under the backups tab in the iConnects browser. Some security troubleshooting was required, as well as ensuring rsebundles were created for the portable drive used for backups. Finally, youll have to connect a network cable directly to your network port from your computer in order to do an initial Time Machine backup. While a rigorous process, the iConnect is in fact Time Machine compatible.

While the iConnect has all the features most home users will need, it might not have every little feature techier types might want. For instance, I was able to connect directly using port https port 443 and my preferred, but not FTP port 21. Iomega also offers easy access via its own relay server and TZO dynamic DNS. On the other hand you may define users, shared folder permissions, etc. just as with other NAS boxes.

The reset button on my test unit was non-functional. Check yours and return it if you dont feel a slight click when you press in on it. There is a reset function in the configuration pages that I used instead.

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All in all, the iConnect is a neat little box. If you dont need remote FTP access, its a great way to get started with network storage and media serving. Especially if you have unused USB storage you want to leverage.


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