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The HDS Story in 3D

F.Y. Teng | Dec. 9, 2010
A little about how Hitachi Data Systemss three-dimensional scaling platform and management software could change the data centre as we know it today.

So what weve done, what weve always done, are very much in response to customer requests. Today, we have about 15,000 virtual machines around the world. That means we have a really good, broad spectrum of information. We believe this next generation of products is going to have a tremendously successful impact on the market place.

Availability is basically going to be immediate. Weve already got over 80 installations around the world (as of September 27, 2010). Those installations have been evaluating it and testing it for months. We couldnt be happier. Its going to be the best launch weve ever had from a technology and software stability standpoint. But also were putting in a little more marketing muscle into the launch. As you know, were not really a marketing company. Were more of an engineering company.

Tell us about the spread of the more than 80 instances you already have?

Were very pleased with the geographic spread. Youve got to understand, Asia has been our fastest growing geography for a number of years. Asia is slightly behind Europe in volume but catching up. About half of our business comes out of the Americas, and the remainder comes out of the Asia Pacific and the EMEA, so those 80 installations reside in Asia Pacific, in the EMEA, in the Americas.

Also, we have a presence in government, telcos and the financial sector. So we have both geographic diversity and industry diversity. Approximately 10 percent of those installations were specifically in Asia Pacific, including right here in Singapore.

Basically what was your go to market strategy with this platform?
We really wanted to test it in a variety of environments. If you look at our largest industry sectorsfinancial sector (its more than a third of our revenue), followed closely by telecommunications, followed closely by government, followed closely by medical, and manufacturing…those are where we tested it.

We also wanted geographic tests. We absolutely wanted to have evaluation units in Asia Pacific. You know, a lot of times historically there was a little bit more Australian-centred activity on the early shifts. We certainly didnt want to do that this time round. We wanted to make sure that we had a presence in Singapore, China, India et cetera. So we specifically went out to clients who had voiced a desire to test them. We were much more aggressive about sharing what this platform was going to deliver under nondisclosure, and because of that we had a lot of customers with an appetite to evaluate, which is going to be great for us. Eighty installations around the world is higher than we have ever done before.


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