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The HDS Story in 3D

F.Y. Teng | Dec. 9, 2010
A little about how Hitachi Data Systemss three-dimensional scaling platform and management software could change the data centre as we know it today.

We have a very balanced portfolio of customers who deal directly with us. We also have a very channel-friendly model. Both of those businesses are growing significantly and the balance is nearly 50-50, so our go to market varies slightly by geography. We have some geographies where were a hundred percent channel-friendly, we have some geographies where we interact directly clients. We play a very significant role in the Hitachi Ltd overall revenue picture, we play a very significant role in the technology segment of Hitachi, and were playing an increasingly significant role because of the growth weve had over the last couple years.

Where are you leveraging strong channel partner relationships and where the direct relationships?
Mostly, this varies by geography. In some geographies its simply better for us going after the breadth of the market through our channel partners. And in some, were better off going direct. If you look at the density we have in NYC, some of those clientssuch as JPMorgan Chase and Citigroupwhove been dealing with us for 20 years simply prefer a more direct relationship. So this varies more by geography than it does by industry.

However, in the medical industry, wherein we have clients such as GE Healthcare and IPSO, we are a little more channel centric than we are, say with some of our big financial, government and telecommunication clients.

What should we expect from HDS in the next 12 months?
At HDS, were trying to be less of a secret in the marketplace. So we have grown our market presence around the world by more than 20 percent in the last 18 months. We have 20 percent more sales and presales and services people in the market representing us. Hopefully the market will see a more visible HDS.

Were currently in 44 of the top 50 global 500 companies. Were in 81 of the top 100. Were in the top 16 property and casualty insurers, the top 15 commercial bankers, the top 10 telecommunication customers, the top seven technology companies. So what youre going to see from HDS is a more aggressive approach to visibility in the marketplace.

Were also enhancing our partnerships with technology partners, including Brocade, VMware, Microsoft, SAP and Cisco. Youll see us leveraging the capabilities of some of our big alliance partners to become more visible in the marketplace. If you look at these products weve launched this year, theyre going to enable us to make a huge competitive and quantifiable financial impact.

So, I think youre going to see a much more visible Hitachi in the marketplace. We already have what we believe is enough market share to make us number one in the enterprise storage space and we expect to expand that lead.


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